This is for the Noobs on how to customize your phone, it's really not that hard to do.

first off, plug you phone into your pc, go into your sd card and make 3 new folders, Wallpapers, Icons, and Docks 
gotta keep your stuff organized hehe, then throw whatever you downloaded/uploaded into where they belong. 

Now onto launcher pro
-hit the menu button, tap preferences, appearance settings, dock background, custom, (this should go to your sd card folders) find your docks folder, select it and viola!!! (*you may have to restart launcher pro if your dock doesnt show up)

-you should have some icons already lined up, you can change them to whatever shortcut you want.
 hold onto the icon, now "Edit dock shortcut" should be on your screen, you can change shortcut or change icon, if you want to just change the icon tap it and "Choose Icon" should be on your screen.
 tap custom icon, and the sd card folders should be up, choose the proper icon from your "Icons" folder and thats it. 

go into your picture gallery and find your Wallpapers folder and set it as homescreen wallpaper. 

hope this helps :) 

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