This is based off my own opinion about the two greatest AOSP ROMs ever.


It's pretty much sense based and can't do much, battery life is cool, it hold's on a lot better than MIUI.

You can download themes from the market which is a plus BUT...Some themes aren't compatible :( and you have to tweak CM7 to make the statusbar transparent.

You have to use Widget Locker for a custom lockscreen, no way around that, unless you flash Lockscreen themes from Devs.

You get to tweak your UI with CM Settings. (BUT MIUI's is better ;) )

Battery will piss out when you use it for any little thing (i must admit). The reason I'm switching back today lol.
(example: i installed a MYC widget and as every minute went by, the battery percentage dropped  by 1 or 2. smh)

Customization is to max, mixing and matching different themes is why i fux with MIUI.

Widgets (are also customizable)

Music Player gets on my gotdamn nerves with the album art, like shit, i dont wanna see Asian musicians as Jay-Z's album cover b.

Battery Life is a BIG issue, but now that i think about it, it's not as bad as CM7.

But both have random freezing/reboot issues everytime i use  the browser.

Browser is ASS

Backup and Restore is boss.

I still can't sign into MIUI.US account b.

Welp, there's my opinions about the two.

/rant. peace.