This whole thing took DAYS to make, with frustration of widget placement and everthing, finally got it how i wanted it. I'm going to keep this setup for a while cuz it's useful and everything i need is on the homescreens. 

L/S: Nexus Jellybean Slider (WidgetLocker) by Blackbearblanc

H/S1: Rainbowline 2 Screen Wall by Blackbearblanc
Smalllighticons by Blackbearblanc
Google Now UCCW by Blackbearblanc
Weather forecast by Blackbearblanc
Scrollable News Widget
Time Missd UCCW by me

H/S2:Google Ears Widget
Flipboard Widget
Google Play Music Widget
Smalllighticons (same as H/S1)

Grab Everything HERE (except for Time Missd UCCW) and L/S Widget