I Got a new love for Benzes so it's only right for me to make a theme for MBZ

//AMG Kit Download

The Wallpapers Provided, one is a .psd to put your own touch to it, another one is mine if you dont give a eff lol. And the 3rd is a Premade .psd, just add your name and thats it. 

Must use Apex Launcher Pro or Nova Launcher
with 10x5 screen setting (columns and rows)

Set Text color to grey
The Weather Icons are called Clean

Widgetlocker for Lockscreen
Use for locker
place it in data/com.teslacoil.widgetlocker/themes in the root of your sdcard (not your external sd)
Open it and Adjust to the pic

Experimental Clock for UCCW
Place the uzip in UltimateCustomClockWidget folder
Choose UCCW 4x2 Widget, then Hit Open Uzip find the Experimental Clock Grey, tap it and then move it to the desired position of the screen.
Missed Call and Missed Text
do the same as experimental clock but use the 1x1 style widget

use Desktop Visualizer 1x1 for the icons above
the search icon for google/google now
the avy on the left for google plus
choose the blank icon provided in the kit for the apps.

You should know how to use the Metro Style Icons lol. 
Peace, if you need any help, contact me here, or