Changed up my template a little, hope ya like.

Widgetlocker AndiOS7 theme
Lockscreen Noti0S version made my me
Serenity Skyyy Wallpaper made by me

ADW Launcher EX (iconoclasm setup:9x8 screen)
*Note-This setup is included, so no need to manually set it up ;)*
Place the ADW file into your phone storage/ADW_Backups folder and restore it as the Sept 12th date
EDIT*Apparently, the backup doesn't work for some people so i have the ADW Setup instructions.

  • ADW Settings
  • Screen
  • actionbar design
  • disabled

  • desktop columns
  • 9
  • desktop rows
  • 8
  • check autohide desktop indicator

  • Icons
  • Icons size-130
  • uncheck show labels

  • app dock
  • dock size(portrait) 4
  • check reflections

  • gestures
  • swipe up- open/close app drawer

  • two fingers up
  • open app- google

  • themes
  • customize
  • main dock
  • custom
  • select one of the docks i gave you
  • then hit apply at the top right

  • system
  • advanced settings
  • check hide statusbar
  • check overlap widgets

  • double tap icons to change em and choose the ones downloaded for that app.
Zanilla Icons by PointVision (are included as well, it's an i0S theme so you'd have to break it down to get em. I made it easy for ya'll lol)

Serenity Music UCCW(BETA) made my me
*It's in BETA because it may not work for everyone, Please use Media Utilities app for this to work. *

Please Credit me for my work if you do use it/display it, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks to all devs. :D

Peace and Download